EN 12697-35; BS 598-107
Main features
  • Multiple speed settings.
  • Heavy duty all gear transmission.
  • Micro switch for bowl position and safety guard.
  • Fitted with reset switch to prevent accidentally overloads.
General description

The Asphalt Mixer is designed for mixing Asphalt samples that can be used for mechanical tests for example compaction, indirect tensile, Marshall, etc.

The bituminous mix must be prepared at a prescribed temperature for this reason the mixer can be equipped with a thermostatically controlled heater.

The mixing head rotates in multiple speed positions depending on the mixer size and the beater. The mixer size available: 5L, 7L, 10L, 20L, 30L.

The asphalt mixer is complete with hook, mixing paddle, whisk and stainless steel bowl.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

AS 0105 Asphalt Mixer 5ltr complete with all accessories

AS 0106 Asphalt Mixer 7ltr complete with all accessories

AS 0107 Asphalt Mixer 10ltr complete with all accessories

AS 0108 Asphalt Mixer 20ltr complete with all accessories

AS 0109 Asphalt Mixer 30ltr complete with all accessories


AS 0105-1 Stainless steel bowl 5 ltr.

AS 0106-1 Stainless steel bowl 7 ltr.

AS 0107-1 Stainless steel bowl 10 ltr.

AS 0108-1 Stainless steel bowl 20 ltr.

AS 0109-1 Stainless steel bowl 30 ltr.

AS 0105-2 Hook for 5 ltr.

AS 0106-2 Hook for 7 ltr.

AS 0107-2 Hook for 10 ltr.

AS 0108-2 Hook for 20 ltr.

AS 0109-2 Hook for 30 ltr.

AS 0105-3 Mixing paddle 5 ltr.

AS 0106-3 Mixing paddle 7 ltr.

AS 0107-3 Mixing paddle 10 ltr.

AS 0108-3 Mixing paddle 20 ltr.

AS 0109-3 Mixing paddle 30 ltr.

AS 0105-4 Whisk for 5 ltr.

AS 0106-4 Whisk for 7 ltr.

AS 0107-4 Whisk for 10 ltr.

AS 0108-4 Whisk for 20 ltr.

AS 0109-4 Whisk for 30 ltr.