EN 12697-30, 12697-10, 12687-12; ASTM D 1559 D 6926, D 5581; AASHTO T245
Main features
General description

The Marshall Manual Assemblies are used to compact Marshall specimens manually.

The Compaction Assemblies consist of a Marshall Compaction Hammer and a Wooden Compaction Pedestal. The Pedestal supplied complete with plate, mold holder and hammer guide.

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Technical specifications

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AS 0115 Manual Marshal Compactor complete with all accessories.

AS 0123 Marshall Compaction Mold 4″

AS 0124 Marshall Compaction Mold 6″


AS 0115-1 Compacting Hammer, BS 598

AS 0115-2 Compaction Pedestal, BS 598 comprising a 300 mm sq x 25 mm thick steel plate.

AS 0115-3 Compaction Pedestal comprising a 12 inch square x 1 inch thick steel plate, ASTM

AS 0115-4 Paper Discs. 99 mm diameter pack of 100.