EN 12607-2; EN 13303; ASTM D6; ASTM D1754; AASHTO T47; AASHTO T179; BS 2000
Main features
  • Digital control
  • Independent overheat thermostat
  • Mains switch
  • ON/OFF switch for turntable motor
  • Indicator lamps
General description

The Loss on Heat Oven test method is used for determining the loss in mass, the effect of heat and air on a film of semisolid bituminous materials.

Completely made from stainless steel, natural ventilation, internal support rotating at 5-6rpm controlled by a geared motor located on the oven top, digital thermo regulator PID with over temperature alarm and probe, double wall locking door with toughened glass window.

The Loss on Heat Oven supplied complete with Rotating shelf with 9 sample containers dia. 55×35 mm and thermometer ASTM 13C, +155 to +170°C, 0.5°C divisions. Conforming to all

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

AS 0188 Loss on Heat Oven complete

AS 0189 Loss on Heat Oven complete set.


AS 0190 Rotating shelf 316mm dia

AS 0191 Thermometer ASTM 13C, +155 to +170°C, 0.5°C divisions.

AS 0192 9 containers dia. 55×35 mm