ASTM D427; AASHTO T92; UNE 103-108; UNI 10014 BS 1377
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When the water content of a fine grained soil is reduced below the plastic limit, shrinkage of the soil mass continues until the shrinkage limit is reached.

This method of test covers the determination of the shrinkage limit, shrinkage ratio, volumetric shrinkage and linear shrinkage.

The set comprises prong plate, shrinkage dish, spatula, glass measuring cylinder and two moisture content tins.

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SL 0740 The Shrinkage Limit Test Set is supplied complete




SL 0741 Shrinkage Dish

SL 0742 Prong Plate

SL 0743 Moisture Content Tin with Lid, aluminum, Ø:45 mm h:10 mm, 2 pcs.

SL 0744 Moisture Content Tin with Lid, aluminum, Ø:55 mm h:35 mm

SL 0745 Porcelain Dish, 120mm dia.

SL 0746 Spatula, 120 mm

SL 0747 Graduated Glass Cylinder, 25 ml,

SL 0748 Carrying Case