ASTM G 57, ASTM G 187, AASHTO T288
Main features
  • Display of both speed and displacement with high resolution.
  • Box group mounted on ball track with high quality antifriction system.
  • Read value results are immediate and of extreme accuracy
  • Extremely easy and practical use .
General description

The Soil Resistivity Meter is determined to find soil resistivity for a variety of applications, including pipelines, tanks, wells, etc…..

It is used in the field or in the lab with the optional Soil Box, that is made of strong plastic resins allowing for rugged field use. Material is clear for easy visual inspection and cleaning.

Soil Resistivity Meter ASTM G57, G187 comes complete with
Brass connectors
Banana plug leads, Red
Banana plug leads, Black

Soil Resistivity Meter AASHTO T 288 comes complete with
Soil box
Electrode plates, ss
Electrode hardware, ss
Leads with clamps

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

SL 0956 Soil Resistivity Meter ASTM G57, G187 complete

SL 0957 Soil Resistivity Meter AASHTO T 288 complete


SL 0956-1 Soil box ASTM G57, G187

SL 0956-2 Soil box AASHTO T 288

SL 0956-3 Brass connectors

SL 0956-4 Banana plug leads, Red

SL 0956-5 Banana plug leads, Black

SL 0956-6 Electrode plates, ss

SL 0956-7 Electrode hardware, ss

SL 0956-8 Leads with clamps