BS 1377, 1924, 812; EN 932-1
Main features
  • Efficient method
General description

The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer is used for the rapid, in situ measurement of structural properties of existing road pavement constructed with unbound materials.

It incorporates an 8 kg weight dropping through a height of 575 mm and 60° cone having a diameter of 20 mm. with the standard DCP measurements can be made down to a depth of approximately 850 mm or when extension shafts are used to a recommended maximum depth of 2 m.

Readings are usually taken after a set number of blows, changing the number according to the strength of the layer being penetrated.

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Technical specifications

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SL 0117 Dynamic Cone Penetrometer set


SL 0117-1 Cones

SL 0117-2 Extension Rods