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The Falling Head Permeameter apparatus is used to determine the permeability of clay-like or silty soils.

The specimen is confined within the permeameter which is connected to the manometer tube filled with water.
The sample must be completely satured with water before the test, and the operator will check the rate of fall of the water in the tube passing through the test specimen.

Falling Head Permeability Set consists of stand with 4 pcs. manometer tubes with connection valves, a Ø100mm permeability cell, soaking reservoir tank and connection hoses. (Water De-Airing equipment should be ordered separately.)

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SL 0736 Falling Head Permeability Apparatus

SL 0737 Water De-Airing equipment



SL 0736-1 Stand with 4 pcs. manometer tubes with connection valves

SL 0736-2 Ø100mm Permeability Cell

SL 0736-3 Soaking Reservoir Tank

SL 0736-4 Connection Hoses