BS 812; ASTM D4944; AASHTO T217; EN 413-2; 459-2; 1015-4; DIN 4211
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The Speedy Moisture Tester is a portable system comprising a vessel with an integral pressure gauge a weighing scale and carries case.

A small sample of the material is prepared weighed and placed into the vessel. The reagent is then added and the vessel.

The reagent is then added and the vessel is sealed and shaken to mix the reagent with the sample.

Free moisture within the sample reacts with the reagent to produce a gas and pressure rise within the vessel that is proportional to the amount of moisture.

The moisture content value is then read directly from the calibrated pressure gauge.

Speedy vessel manufactured from cast aluminium and fitted with a calibrated pressure gauge with a moisture measurement range of 0 -20%. With 0.2% Gauge divisions.

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SL 0715 Small speedy, 6gr sample

SL 0716 Large Speedy, 20gr sample



SL 0715-1 Calcium Carbide