EN 933–8; ASTM D2419; AASHTO T176
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The Sedimentation Hydrometer test set is used to determine particle size distribution in soil from the coarse sand size down to the smallest fractions.

In this method the sample is from organic matter after which it is dried and weighed. Next it is suspended in water and sieved.

The solution that passes through the sieve is transferred to a measuring cylinder with water.

Hydrometer readings are taken after regular intervals. Sedimentation time and hydrometer readings are used to determine the grain sizes according to the stoke’s Law.

Sedimentation Hydrometer test set consisting of soil dispersion mixer, hydrometer bath, 1pcs. hydrometer 151H or 152H, sodium hexametaphosphate 1 kg, 6 pcs. 1000 ml sedimentation cylinder, heater, circulation pump, rubber stopper and 600 ml beaker.

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SL 0764 Sedimentation Hydrometer test set

SL 0765 Constant Temperature Bath

SL 0766 Sodium Hexametaphosphate 500 g

SL 0767 Hydrometer Sedimentation Cylinder 1000 ml

SL 0768 Mechanical Analysis Stirrer

SL 0769 Soil Hydrometer BS/EN, graduated 0.0995 to 1.030 g/ml.

SL 0770 Soil Hydrometer ASTM/AASHTO(152H) graduated –5 to +60 g/litre.

SL 0771 Soil Hydrometer ASTM D422 (151H)graduated 0.0995 to 1.038 g/ml.+60 g/litre.