EN 933-2; ISO 3310-1; ISO 3310-2; ISO 565
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All test sieves are manufactured to National and International Specifications
and are supplied with a “Certificate of Compliance”.

Each sieve is individually serial numbered, ensuring full traceability. Particle Size Analysis is probably performed in all laboratories engaged in testing materials for civil engineering applications.

The range of sieves offered includes ISO, EN, BS and ASTM sieves. Woven wire test sieves are manufactured from stainless steel mesh while the Perforated plate test sieves are manufactured from tinned steel plate.

All test sieves unless otherwise indicated are supplied with full-depth frames. ASTM E11 sieves are similar in construction to those used in the British Standard range.

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SL 0137-1 Sieve Brush, double-ended, brass and nylon bristle

SL 0137-2 Sieve Brush, nylon, double-ended