ASTM D2573
Main features
  • Unconfined compressive strength
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel construction
General description

The Field Inspection Vane Tester can be used to determine the maximum shearing force that can be exercised on a soil.
Measurement in the field (on the surface, in profile pits or at the bottom of boreholes) as well as in the laboratory (on
samples) are possible.

The shear stress measured can be read on a clearly readable scale ring.
In soft soils, it is not necessary to make a borehole first. In order to determine the friction on the extension rods, a dummy
vane is available in these situations.

Field inspection vane tester, the standard set for measurements to 200 kPa (20 t/m2) and a depth of 3m, complete with 3 vanes (16x32mm, 20×40 mm and 25.4×50.8 mm), dummy vane, extension rods, tools and carrying bag


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SL 0123 Field Inspection Vane Testing Kit