ASTM C31, ASTM C192, ASTM C293, AASHTO T23, AASHTO T97, ASTM D4253-14, ASTM, D4254-14
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This test covers the determination of the maximum dry density and the water content (humidity/density ratio) of cohsionless mixtures to be used in road construction, and where the max density by the impact
method is lower than the vibratory method.

The relative density set is proposed in two versions according to EN or ASTM specifications.

Cushioned impact vibrating table with load capacity of 300 lbs. (136.1kg) is used to vibrate products and soil specimens. Table deck is (508 x 508 mm). Table vibrates at 360 vpm. Amplitude or power of vibration
is regulated by means of a rheostat in the electrical control circuit.

Relative density mold set, 0.1ft3 (3L) or 0.50.1 ft3 (14L)

Computing volume change of granular soils.The molds are made of cast aluminum and equipped with carrying handles and guide brackets, and come complete with detachable guide sleeve with clamp
assembly, surcharge base plate with removable handle, and surcharge weight with handle.

Relative Density Gauge Set

measures distance from top of the mold to top of base plate after densification (to compute volume change). Set includes a 2in (50.8mm) Dial Indicator with 2in (50.8mm) travel and 0.001in (0.025mm) graduations, a special holder to fit molds, and 3x12x1/8in (76x305x3.2mm) metal calibration bar.

Relative Density Pouring Funnel Set

required for loose placement of 3/8in (9.5mm) and finer granular soils, The Funnel Set includes two 6in (152mm) diameter x 12in (305mm) long metal cylinders, each with funnel and 6in (152mm) long delivery spout attached to one end. Spouts are 1in (25.4mm) and 1/2in (12.7mm) in diameter.

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Technical specifications

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SL 0959 Relative Density Test Set,ASTM, 380V 50Hz, 3 ph.


SL 0959-1 Relative Density Mould Set, ASTM, 0.5 ft 3

SL 0959-2 Relative Density Mould Set, ASTM, 0.1 ft 3

SL 0959-3 Relative Density Gauge Set, ASTM

SL 0959-4 Pouring Funnel Set, for Relative Density Test.

SL 0959-5 Compass Crane with Electric Motor

SL 0959-6 Equipment for Calibration of Amplitude of Vibrating Table