Main features
  • Delta motor starter
  • Long life and easy cleaning
  • High cutting performance
  • Heavy duty water pump
  • High flow to improve blade cooling
General description

The Concrete Masonry Saws is ideal for trimming concrete, asphalt and other specimens to the desired size preparing sample for testing.

It is designed to work in different cutting length and depth which allows cutting per-cast concrete and blocks very easy and simple.

The Blade can be adjusted to suit several cutting heights in a single pass.

The equipment comes with a heavy duty belt driven by a high efficiency electric motor mounted on robust chassis and re-enforced based frame.

It comes complete with heavy duty water pump for wet cutting and blade cooling, automatic starter, slide rolling conveyor and movable wheels.

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Technical specifications

Ordering info

CN 0176 Concrete electric masonry saw, max 200

CN 0177 Concrete electric masonry saw, max 270

CN 0178 Concrete electric masonry saw, max 420


CN 0176-1 Saw Blade 200

CN 0176-2 Saw Blade 270

CN 0176-3 Saw Blade 420